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Client Testimonials

Please view what our clients think of our services and support,
below are just some of their testimonials:

Just a quick one to say thanks to the support team (and everyone else) for some excellant service this week. One of my clients had some trouble registering their domain and the support teams response turn around was very quick. My client was doubly impressed when I registered the domain and their site was up and running in under an hour.

Thanks to the support team and everyone else at bright byte. The best decision I have made was to host with you! keep up the good work.

Thanks again
Shaun Goudy
Creative Services
Hosting with us since June 27 2006.

Bright-byte have been brilliant. The support they have given me has been amazing - so quick to respond and always with a solution to my problem. I so made the right choice in Bright-Byte and would recommend them to anyone. Excellence.
David Mears
Creative Services
Hosting with us since April 06 2006.

I've been a member for 4 years now..and I really like the people and the service at Bright-Byte. I tried 2 other 'c-panel' dealers before I settled with Bright-Byte and I'll never look back. I've had several occasions to use support and found them helpful and non-condescending. I was recently surprised by the addition of 'Fantastico' and all the pre-installed CMS's, shopping carts, blogs, etc...offered and I've tried several and am experimenting on the ones I like best. I want to say here and now...thank you so much for continuing to add 'extras' and keeping things up-to-date and generally for being a great company dedicated to keeping your customers happy. I recently bought a SSL cert from another company because (and I could kick myself for this ) I didn't check first to see if you offered it.

This definately taught me a lesson...I need to keep more in touch with you guys cause chances are you've got what I'm looking for...

Once again guys....thank you so much for doing such a great job!

Web Site Designer
Elysian Web Designs.
Hosting with us since June 12 2003.
Bright-Byte is the superb web-hosting network out there. I have tried numerous other web hosting packages and have never received the tech support that I get with Bright-Byte. 24 hours a day, I get all the help I need. They have been more than gracious to us, and given us more than we could have ever expected. Great package deals, and easy to learn. 100% uptime, we have no complaints. If you are searching for a web hosting server or package that meets your needs and gets the job done in a professional way, Bright-Byte is the way to go. We are so happy, we will never go back or go elsewhere. They walk us through every change we need and are very accomodating. They never leave you in the dark, unlike other web hosting companies I could mention, they are with you the whole way through! GREAT PERSONNEL...

We can rest at night knowing that our website is 100% functional and protected by Bright-Byte's great support. Our customers tell us all the time how they love our website, we could not have done it without Bright-Byte.
They are an A++++++ service on the web, we are so glad we found them, they have helped us grow!

Hosting with us since September 10 2002.

I look forward to getting this website up VERY soon and appreciate the prompt responses I have experienced from you and your company. This is actually the second website I have purchased from Bright Byte and am in the process of having the company I work for switch theirs over to you as well. Keep up the good work, low prices, excellent customer service and I will continue to push my business your way.

Derek Richardson
Hosting with us since January 11 2003.
Bright-Byte hosts my website and email THE CAT'S MEOW. They answer my questions speedily, in a way I understand (and have online customer support, too), and maintain an excellent library of resources, including help forums (great for troubleshooting scripts and debugging your site), script library, a free search engine submitter, and a pay-per-click service to improve traffic to your site.

Jane Cate
The Cats Meow
Hosting with us since October 10 2002 .
I was suprised when we received fast and friendly service from a web hosting company, and I was even more astonished when the answers matched the actual questions I was asking. We had been locked into a lethargic poorly-structured corporate monster that was three times the cost of our Bright-Byte plan and no where near the quality. I would recommend Bright-Byte to everyone.

Lee Roland
East Course Headwear
Hosting with us since October 09 2003.
I am very impressed with the services that bright-bytes has given me. This is the first time I have had a website and they have given me tremendous help with my set up and when I do have questions and concerns they are quick to respond, often with in minutes of my questions. Also due to me being in Australia they will still answer questions 24/7, which is great for being on the otherside of the world. I recommend using Bright-bytes for their sheer professionalism and service and most of all there time and advice.

Hosting with us since August 28 2003.
We have enjoyed our service with Bright-Byte. We have had no problems with their service, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

-MW Whitaker
Arachne's Web
Hosting with us since April 30 2002.
Bright-Byte has been a fantastic provider to us. They have kept us well informed of all updates, and web-issues which we might encounter. The support we have received has been superior to any previous providers we have tried. In my opinion, the guys at Bright-Byte have gone above and beyond my expectations!

Mark W. Robbins,
CEO & President
MAXdbt, llc.
Hosting with us since August 30 2002.

Graphine Systems has been a long subscriber to Bright-Byteís hosting services, and have provided us with the best reliability and service I could ask for from a hosting company. They have plenty of bandwidth, along with great customer support. The packages they offer for hosting solutions are very reasonable and cost effective. Iíve tried many other hosting services, but none compare to the quality, service, and support that Bright-Byte offers.

Thomas Lasswell
Partner - Graphine Systems
Hosting with us since March 18 2002.
"As a web design company we needed a host that was fast, reliable, efficient and affordable. In Bright-Byte we found all of this attributes and more. Their fantastic reseller account has meant that we can host 10's of customers websites for a fraction of the cost that is expected elsewhere. They have a great support team and a very fast server that ensures all of our emails are received instantly and hassle free. I have yet to see our website offline for even ten seconds. Keep up the good work guys!"

Chris Hyatt
Managing Director - CHSITES
Hosting with us since July 29 2003.






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